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Year 12 were treated to an exciting enrichment programme following their AS examinations at the end of the summer term. This included a UCAS convention and a variety of fascinating lectures culminating in a talk on life lessons learnt whilst crossing the Gobi desert by Leon McCarron.

Former pupils Natasha Green and Kate Harmer, both of whom are currently on a placement year with IBM, spoke about wider options post-RHS with IBM’s Dare to be Different programme. Angela Findlay gave a powerful lecture on WW2 perspectives from the German side: her grandfather was a highly decorated General in the Wehrmacht fighting on the Eastern Front and Angela tied in her own family connections with reflections on the way Germans have coped with the legacy of the war since 1945.

And, Leon McCarron took the enthralled audience 3000 miles on foot across the Gobi desert from the Mongolian border down to Hong Kong on the Pacific coast, describing the highs and lows of the journey alongside the life lessons which inevitably accompany such a trek.

Leon McCarron