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Year 8 Geography Pollution Project:
The following pupils received a distinction for their work on a report style project on pollution. The overall prize was awarded to Lucy Wong for her detailed and original work on light pollution.

 Matilda Arulampalam  Year 8 Blake
 Fergus Atkins  Year 8 Blake
 Simon Brown  Year 8 Blake
 Elliot Chilvers  Year 8  Blake
 Haydn Collett  Year 8  Blake
 Eduardo Galeote Escalera  Year 8  Blake
 Oscar Johnson  Year 8  Blake
 Alexander Kayushin  Year 8  Blake
 Max Ross  Year 8  Blake
 Nicholas Sims  Year 8  Blake
 Adam Warren  Year 8  Blake
 Lucy Wong  Year 8  Blake


Year 9 Geography Tropical Rainforest Project:
There was an extremely high standard of work and effort by Year 9 on their Geography Tropical Rainforest Projects. There were two winners: Petrus Du Toit, Collingwood and Nick Paddon, Raleigh.

National Biology Challenge
In March, Year 9 pupils participated in the National Biology Challenge, a competition to test their knowledge of Biology beyond the curriculum. Two of RHS pupils scored highly enough to be placed in the top 15% of the country and were awarded Bronze Certificates – Emily Burgess, Hood, and Arden Ridge, Anson.