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On Saturday 17 May the Royal Hospital School Equestrian Team of Chloe Tribe (Captain), Milly Ainsworth and Rose Arbuthnot awoke at 5am to prepare for Her Majesty’s Services Team Jumping competition at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. With everyone helping out, including the Inter-School riders competing later in the day, the team looked very smart and ready to go. The three riders were competing as a Services (CCF) Team against adult riders from the Army, Navy, RAF, Police, Household Cavalry and other services. Chloe entered the main Castle Arena first and had a beautiful ride over a difficult and highly competitive course with just one pole down. Milly (pictured below) also had a brilliant ride with one pole down. Rose and her horse flew over the first but, after knocking an injury from earlier in the week, the horse was in pain and Rose unfortunately had a fall.

Millie Ainsworth

Milly Ainsworth in Her Majesty’s Services Team Jumping Competition

The Inter Schools team of four entered another arena to face another difficult course. Lucy Watson had a good round with just two poles down. Amelia Keitley Webb rode very well but had a nasty fall towards the end. Sally Watson followed with a challenging ride and an unlucky fall at the last. Finally, Eliza Tribe, in Year 7 and sister of Chloe, flew round for a perfect clear round.

Later in the day, the Services Team prepared for the Parade of Services riding three abreast and saluting Her Majesty the Queen as they passed. This involves riding one handed in a crowded arena with nerves on edge, but the team were impeccable; smartly turned out with very well behaved horses.

Sevices Team 2014 4

There were no prizes this year but it was an incredible experience for all involved. A huge thank you must go to the parents and staff that made this competition possible and especially team trainer, Caroline Colwill.