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Five Royal Hospital School pupils took part in the Paras 10 endurance event in Colchester last weekend and Sean Cuddihy, Year 12 Collingwood, brought home the U19s trophy after completing the challenge well within the paratroopers cut-off time for selection!


Inscription on the U19s trophy

This gruelling challenge consisted of a 10 mile run, carrying 35 pounds of weight whilst wearing full military trousers and boots. 430 people took part, running in sweltering heat in an endurance race which forms a crucial part of selection for the parachute regiment. All the RHS boys finished the race, which is a fantastic achievement! When prospective paratroopers race at this distance, the cut-off time for selection is 1 hour and 50 minutes. Cam Fairrie and James Parker finished just outside and Sean Cuddihy finished well inside to win the Under 19s category in a very impressive time of 1 hour 39 minutes.

paras 10

Matt Everest, James Parker, Cameron Fairrie, Sean Cuddihy and Max Kahn