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Each year the Royal Hospital School goes through a comprehensive selection process to appoint the next group of School Prefects or ‘Chiefs’.

Heads of School

This is a day of tasks, presentations, discussion groups, interviews and a personality test to establish those who will be best suited to the everyday tasks of being a School Prefect as well as deal with situations that may arise. The tasks are designed to display the individuals’ leadership qualities as well as how they work as part of a team.

At the end of the day they had to give a presentation to Mrs Godfrey, Assistant Head (Pastoral) on a subject of their choice as well as take part in group discussion on how they would deal with the different scenarios prefects might encounter.

It is a very thorough process that ensures that all RHS prefects are chosen fairly and that they will be able to cope with the job at hand. Congratulations to the following pupils who have been selected:

William Anstey St. Vincent
Matthew Brown St. Vincent
Jack Burge Raleigh
George Butt Raleigh
Liam Crismani Hawke
Peter Crockett Hawke
Sean Cuddihy Collingwood
Siana Douglas-Hamilton Howe
Cameron Fairrie Collingwood
Josephine Falk Hood
Victoria Foreman Howe
William Hassall Collingwood
Shannon Holdway Hood
Patrick Hook-Willers Hawke
Tamsyn Howells Hood
Adam Hunkin Collingwood
Winnie Lei Howe
Rachael Miles Anson
Thomas Miller Raleigh
Florence Mills Hood
Francesca Morelli Howe
Arabella Murrison Hood
Jack Orr Hawke
Tabitha Palmer Howe
Rebecca Pollitt Hood
George Rennison Raleigh
Oliver Sellers Collingwood
Tapashya Sunuwar Howe
Georgia Tindale Anson
Chloe Tribe Raleigh