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Last weekend was the annual Inter-House Cross Country Competition – a fantastic atmosphere in the spring sunshine for runners and supporters alike.

Tom Brown, Year 8, and Serena Brown, Year 9, (unrelated!) both set new school records in the Junior Boys and Intermediate Girls Classes, respectively.

The Results

Junior Boys (Yr7 & 8):

1st Tom Brown McArthur 12mins 20secs, NSR
 2nd Toyo Ogunlesi McArthur 13mins, 11secs
 3rd Josh Waylett Chichester 13mins, 40secs

Junior Girls (Yr7 & 8):

1st Millie Salter Chichester 13mins, 52secs
 2nd Tilly Arulampalam McArthur 13mins, 54secs
 3rd Libby Parker Chichester 14mins, 29secs

Inter Boys (Yr9 & 10):

 1st Sam Hindley St Vincent 21mins, 12secs
 2nd Riley Faulkner Raleigh 22mins, 23secs
 3rd Toby Allday Collingwood 22mins, 36secs

Inter Girls (Yr9 & 10):

 1st Serena Brown Howe 12mins, 10secs, NSR
 2nd Izzy Pearson Raleigh 12mins, 45secs
 3rd Helli Carter Hood 13mins, 7secs

Senior Boys (Yr11 – 13):

 1st Sean Cuddihy Collingwood 25mins, 25secs
 2nd Rob Cowper-Coles St Vincent 26mins, 43secs
 3rd Will Matthew Collingwood 26mins, 57secs.

Senior Girls (Yr11 – 13):

 1st Gwen Ludlow Hood 16mins, 10secs
 2nd Flick Slatter Howe 16mins, 37secs
 3rd Georgia Tindale Anson 17mins, 24secs