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Tuesday 18 March Senior Fixtures v New Hall

1st V11 v New Hall (L 32-27) The first quarter was a disaster for the RHS team as they let New Hall establish a comfortable easy rhythm without offering any opposition. RHS then turned the game around and became more competitive throughout, particularly with Sonia Lei dominating in the centre and Emily Davidson Brett marking her shooter out of the game. RHS won the second quarter 9 goals to 6 and then drew in the third quarter 5 goals each still however, leaving the score adrift 23-18. The final quarter saw New Hall return their GA to her dominating position, strengthening their attacking position. Despite drawing in goals again, RHS were unable to take any turn overs and could not make up the deficit from the first quarter. Players of the match were Sonia Lei and Arabella Murrison.

2nd V11 v New Hall (W 28-13) RHS had a strong start against New Hall and after the quarter were leading 6-1. This was due to accurate shooting from both Anna Wynn and Annabelle Sweeney. The second quarter saw New Hall step up their intensity and start to close the score line. RHS responded to this and dominated the second half. Defenders Charlotte Heley and Abi Sweeney worked hard to make interceptions for their team and the shooters rewarded this by scoring. The final quarter saw RHS pull ahead even further with great movement from the midcourt this made RHS’s job easier. Final score 28-13.

Wednesday 19 March Junior Fixtures v Norwich

U13A v Norwich (L 16-21) The U13A team had a well contested game against Norwich however did not remain consistent throughout. Despite a great effort in the defensive end from Annie Tavainavesi and Libby Parker it was not going to be RHS’s day. With moments of excellence followed by dips of poor passing RHS could not take the lead against a well drilled Norwich side. George Nicholls slotted into the attacking end nicely and showed great improvements throughout the game which is a positive sign on building a strong U13 squad. Player of the match was Libby Parker

U13B v Norwich (L 8-20) The team started the match strong and were only 2—1 down after the first quarter. Again in the second quarter, the score was 4—3, making the half time score 6—4 to Norwich. Molly Williamson stepped up to the mark as wing attack and played well during the first half, alongside Molly Irving as center. Shooter, Beth Carnell, soldiered on despite a sore finger but Norwich ran away with the game during the second half. The final score was 20—8. Player of the match was Shennise Robertson for her determination throughout the entire match.

U12A v Norwich (L 12-6) The team started slowly despite having home advantage and by the end of the first quarter Norwich were 6-1 ahead. RHS started to play their own game of netball in the second, dictating the play themselves instead of following Norwich. The defence worked very hard with Freya Guckian and Ruby Parker working a back line pass very well. The score at the end of this quarter was 8-2 to Norwich. Then the RHS attack improved with Charlotte Stenning making a number of good interceptions to turn the ball around. Mollie Entwistle and Rebecca Sweeney used the space sensibly to get the ball to the ‘D’. Eliza Tribe and Yasmin Gradwick- Light were then left to finish off the work of the ball being brought through the court. They kept level with Norwich so that the last 2 quarters were draws 2 goals apiece but it still left a deficit. Overall the team worked well but the percentage of shots on target needs to be higher and consistent and this only comes with practice.

U12B v Norwich (L 15-7) The game got off to a very competitive start with both teams making lots of interceptions. Some fantastic work between Lucia Soler at WA and Amelia Anderson at GA allowed RHS to score the first goal of the game. However, RHS struggled to intercept the ball against the tall Norwich shooters and so the score at quarter time was 5-2. The second quarter was better for RHS, Katy Bagnall at GK and Alice Clayton at GD made plenty of interceptions which allowed Morgan Thomas to score some very impressive mid-range shots, and the score at half time was 6-4 to Norwich. In the third quarter, RHS let their nerves get the better of them and they made lots of unforced errors which allowed Norwich to further their lead. However, in the last quarter RHS managed to compose themselves and Lily Mason made some fantastic interceptions at WD. Izzy Butler was patient with the ball and fed the shooting circle well but unfortunately RHS could not catch up with Norwich and the final score was 15-7. Player of the match was awarded to Lucia for her excellent work at WA.

U12C v Norwich (D 7-7) The U12C team played a good game despite their relative lack of match experience. Although the game was low scoring the centre court players had an extremely busy game. They drew 7-7 against a well matched opposition. Players of the match were Immy Pearson and Esmé Peters.

Thursday 20 March U15B & C v St Felix

U15B V Saint Felix (L 11-18) The U15Bs had a tough game against Saint Felix. In the first quarter, the girls found it hard to keep up in the defending end however in the second quarter the girls came back with a better result. Great play from Hannah Southerton and Olivia Jones helped a great deal in bringing the ball through court. Some great shooting from Sammi Chiu meant that RHS contested until the final whistle. Player of the match was Olivia Jones

U15C v St Felix B (L 13-8) A disappointing match for RHS who had opportunities to take control of the game but squandered them. Movement of the ball through the court was very erratic and there was no rhythm to the game which allowed St Felix to take their chances and convert the goals. Ellie Rowe had a good game in defence and was named player of the match

Saturday 22 March Fixtures v Bishops Stortford

1st V11 v Bishops Stortford (L 32-24) The first team had their penultimate match of the season at home against Bishops Stortford College. RHS had a slow start to the game, allowing the opposing team to pull away quickly in the first quarter. There were periods of good play when RHS looked as though they would pull back on the early deficit, but errors allowed the opposition to creep further ahead and win the quarter 12-6. The second quarter saw a much more determined RHS defence, with Hannah Garlick making several interceptions and Amy Arana-Wade tracking her player well through the centre court. RHS had some excellent periods of play in attack in this quarter and held Bishops Stortford to a 6 all draw. However, shooting opportunities were missed and too many errors were made by RHS when they lost composure bringing the ball through court. Half time saw some changes with Floz Vivian coming in to the GA position and Tash Jones coming on at WD. Tash made an impact in defence, restricting the play of the skilled Bishop Stortford WA and Hannah Garlick continued to turn the ball over, allowing RHS to draw this quarter seven goals apiece. Sadly the final quarter saw Bishops Stortford pull further ahead as RHS could not match them for shooting opportunities or accuracy. Despite the disappointing final score line of 34-24, RHS can be pleased with some good periods of play. Player of the Match was Hannah Garlick

2nd V11 V Bishops Stortford (L 17-22) The Seconds had a competitive match against a strong Bishops Stortford side and with an instant interception from Izzy Dixon, RHS took the lead. RHS dominated in the first quarter and won 7-5 but Bishops Stortford came out fighting and, with some quick movement in their circle, started to pull back. Despite some superb interceptions from Abi Sweeney, RHS could not convert the goals and at half time it was 11-11. Although RHS had some great play in their attacking end from Hattie Botwright, with some well-timed drives into space, RHS could not maintain their lead. A good performance from the team, but a lack in consistency led to a final score of 17-22. Hattie Botwright was player of the match.

3rd V11 v Bishops Stortford (L6-38) The 3rd team faced tough opposition with passing that continually kept RHS on the defensive. There were completely dominated by a much stronger Stortford team. Lucy Bradley at WA was player of the match for quick, agile movement and fast breaks from the centre passes.

U15A V11 v Bishops Stortford (L 37-18) The first quarter of this game was very competitive with both teams scoring early on. The attack applied great defensive pressure which enabled plenty of through court turnovers and, as a result, RHS went 4-1 up. Bishops Stortford had a very fast style of play which RHS defence struggled to control and so, unfortunately, at quarter time the score was 7-5 to Bishops Stortford. In the second and third quarters, RHS struggled to keep up with the fast and physical opposition. Despite some great shooting by Anna Khan and Millie Orr, along with some great attacking play by Sophie Rennison and Cass Peacock, RHS were down at three quarter time 28-11. The last quarter was much better with Charlene Tait at GK and Milly Ainsworth at GD taking many interceptions off the Bishops Stortford shooters which allowed RHS to score the first 3 goals of the quarter. Sophie Atkinson played well at WD but it was a case of ‘too little too late’ and the final score was 37-18. Player of the match was awarded to Anna Khan for her fantastic shooting and Millie Orr for her tireless work at GA.

U15B V11 v Bishops Stortford (L 34-3) Player of the match Hannah Southerton

U15C V11 v Bishops Stortford (L 24-4) Player of the match Hope Moonan

U14A V11 v Bishops Stortford (L 24-10) Players of the match Serena Brown and Amelia Keitley-Webb

U14B V11 v B. Stortford (L 25-13) Players of the match Auriol Symons and Tabitha Saunders

U14C V11 v B. Stortford (L 18-3) Players of the match Georgina Folkard–Smith and Georgina Abalone