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In preparation for Science Week 14-23 March, Year 7 pupils worked on projects for RHS’ inaugural Science Fair.

Working in groups of 2 to 4, the pupils produced projects on topics as diverse as: the effect of age on concentration; what sort of music animals like to listen to; food labelling; catapult design and the link between video games and violent behaviour. The work was completed in science lessons and in their own time.

The 11 and 12 year olds presented their projects to Science teachers and each other and were judged on the quality of their scientific explanations as well as their presentation style.

First prize was awarded to Alexandra Jackson, Charlotte Stenning and Emma Smith for their investigation into factors affecting the growth of mould, second place was awarded to Esme Forrester, Charlie Mann and Ilai Mate for their investigation into the effect of temperature on magnetic fields and third place was awarded to Paru Ramanathan, Fred Hitchen and Mattia Lau for their project on flight.


1st prize – Factors affecting the growth of mould


2nd prize – The effect of temperature on magnetic fields


3rd prize – Project on flight