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On Monday, Year 9 pupils took part in a CSI Forensic Science Workshop and tried their hands at reading a crime scene.

The workshop was run by Jacqui Thompson of Pulse CSI. Jacqui studied at the University of Lincoln and started her workshops for primary school children to get them interested in science. Following the success of these workshops she decided to branch out and create a full day’s programme for secondary school students. She travels around the UK encouraging children of all ages to get hands-on with science.
The full day’s workshop aims to show pupils how CSI fits in with the modern world and to give them an insight into the vocational side of the job.

During the morning the Year 9s leant about the processes and applications used at a crime scene including: fingerprinting using magnetic powder and black ink, footwear casting and analysing hair and fibres. They also looked at the collection and preservation of evidence and how important evidence retrieval is in court.

The pupils donned white SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer) suits, gloves, masks and overshoes and they put their newly-acquired skills to use to investigate a crime scene, report their findings and decide on a main suspect from the evidence.