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2VII v St Felix  W 23-8

The seconds had an excellent team performance against St Felix on Tuesday and were able to secure a good win. They started well in the first quarter with all players linking together down court. Anna Wynn dominated in the shooting circle which allowed RHS to take an early lead 7-2. It was the second quarter where RHS really pushed forward. Annabelle Sweeney found her timing in attack making it easy for Beth Richardson and Hattie Botwright to feed the ball in to the circle. RHS defence had a great quarter, restraining St Felix to only scoring 1 goal. At half time Kathy Brown stepped on court into the GK position, despite a nervous start she settled in well by the end of the game. Working with defenders Abi Sweeney and Charlotte Heley; they all managed to take lots of interceptions in the defending third. Simone Rossouw and Izzy Dixon also had good performances at C and WD and playing a pivotal role in linking the play together. Player of the match went to Anna Wynn.

3rd v St Felix W 18-5

The thirds also had a good game against St Felix which started at 3-3 in the first quarter with all to play for! In the second quarter Lauren Guy played well with Flo Hales in the D and the latter found her shooting streak! From then on RHS ran away with it to finish 18-5. Player of the match was Flo Hales.

1st V11–v King’s Ely  W 26- 24

The 1st team made an excellent start to the match against King’s Ely, dominating both in attack and defence, and drawing ahead to a 7-3 lead at quarter time.  In defence, Emily Davidson Brett and Hannah Garlick worked well together to make several interceptions and some good play in attack saw successful feeds into the circle giving RHS opportunities to score.  King’s Ely rallied during the break and this, together with several changes in the RHS line up, meant that they started the second quarter strongly.  RHS continued to play well and extended their lead so that the score was 16-10 at half time.  King’s Ely continued to improve their play, whilst RHS struggled to maintain momentum during the second half with their error rate increasing. This led to an exciting final quarter with Ely closing the gap to within one goal.  RHS dug in the final minutes to stop the Ely comeback, holding on to the lead and ending the game victorious. Player of the match was Josie Falk.

2VII v Kings Ely L 9-35

The second team had a slow start against Kings Ely and the girls struggled to settle into the game. Kings Ely dominated RHS from the outset and defenders Abi Sweeney and Kathy Brown had a hard job in restricting their shooting opportunities. Despite this, RHS took every opportunity to rebound under the post and give their team a chance to work the ball down in to their attacking end. Some quick passing between Beth Richardson, Hattie Botwright and Simone Rossouw saw RHS bring the ball through the court smoothly on occasions, but moving the ball round the circle edge to feed the shooters was more of a challenge. When given the chance, shooters Anna Wynn and Annabelle Sweeney did convert some goals under the post but it was not enough to keep RHS in the game. With their error rate too high, RHS could not catch a strong Kings Ely side. Final score 9-35. Player of the match went to Simone Rossouw.

3rd VII v King’s Ely 2ndVII L 36-6

The 3rds drew the short straw; playing inside on the nicest afternoon of the season so far and were then beaten by an overall better side. The awful score line does not reflect the determination and effort the RHS team put into their match. Stirling play in particular from Emma Stuart-Thompson who held the attack score line in the beginning however, as mistakes crept in from all sources, the ball was all too often lost allowing Ely to regain possession.

U15A  v King’s Ely L 21-5

On Thursday the U15A team faced Kings Ely. There were slight changes to the team due to the injury of GS Anna Khan but Ruth Brown stepped up to fill the role. The game got off to a quick start and RHS scored the opening goal of the game. However, a few turnovers by Ely, as a result of RHS inaccurate passing, meant they scored a few unanswered goals and the score at quarter time was 7-1. The second quarter followed a similar pattern for RHS, despite some excellent passages of play whilst bringing the ball through court. The tall Ely defence intercepted the ball as it came into the attacking circle. The third quarter was better for RHS; there was some excellent work between Sophie Rennison, Cass Peacock and Millie Orr, meaning RHS were able to score 3 goals. Going into the last quarter RHS knew they would have to work really hard in order to reduce Ely’s lead. Charlene Tait at GK made it hard for the Ely shooters by intercepting the ball with what seemed like ease! Sophie Atkinson and Millie Ainsworth also worked hard in defence but unfortunately it was a case of ‘too little too late’.  The final score was 21-5 to Ely and Charlene Tait was awarded player of the match for her outstanding defending.

U15B v Kings Ely L 7-26

RHS took time to adjust to the Kings Ely style of play and found themselves chasing from the outset. RHS were not, however, going to let them win easily and fought throughout the whole game to work the ball down court to the shooters. Excellent attacking play from Sammi Chui around the circle edge opened up the play for RHS allowing them to get some goals onto the scoreboard. RHS worked hard with the right attitude which was really pleasing to see against such tough opposition. Player of the match went to Britney Shrestha for her hard work in defence.

U14A v King’s Ely L 32-9

After a disappointing first quarter, the U14As upped their level, playing a much more competitive game. During the remaining quarters RHS worked hard to maximise scoring opportunities, resulting in two drawn quarters. Although they lost the match, they should be pleased with their comeback. Jorgyella Thorpe was player of the match for both her defensive and attacking play.

U14B v King’s Ely W 11-10

Captained by Auriol Symons, the U14Bs played an exciting game of netball against Kings Ely. Having gone down in the first quarter, the girls fought hard and displayed some great defensive play, winning 11-10. Players of the match were Beth Dwerryhouse for some great defensive play and Holly Parsons Atkinson for her determined attacking efforts.

U14C v King’s Ely L 14-11

The game against Kings Ely got off to a very tense start; RHS had intercepted their centre pass and thanks to a great shot by Carla Mini, they were one goal up. It took RHS a while to settle to King Ely’s fast play but the girls defended well down court. At quarter time RHS were 3 down. Ely came out fighting in the second half and both teams displayed some excellent netball. However, despite some fantastic through court work by Saffy Henley, Sara Benavent Marti and Georgia Alabone, RHS were 6 goals down. Changes were made ; Helena Miralles to WA and the second half was a different story for RHS, Georgia Folkard-Smith made numerous interceptions at GK and there was some very creative attacking play between Carla Mini and Molly Freeman meaning that going into the last quarter RHS were back to 3 goals behind. Unfortunately, RHS made too many unforced errors and the last quarter was a draw meaning the final score was 14-11. Player of the match was awarded to Carla Mini for her excellent attacking play and positivity and also to Holly Folkard-Smith for making so many interceptions at GK.

U13A v New Hall L 10-30

RHS had a slow start against New Hall and were behind from the outset. Unfortunately the attack could not link together the timing of their moves with the delivery of the pass and this lead to a very disrupted start for the team. However, a better second quarter saw RHS find their rhythm. Defenders Annie Tavainavesi and Libby Parker worked hard to restrict New Hall’s space in the circle and take the interceptions where they could. This allowed the team more possession of the ball and more opportunities on goal. Tilly Arulampalam and Holly Folkard-Smith delivered some quick shooter to shooter balls under the post allowing RHS to convert some more goals. RHS lost the second quarter but only by two.  Despite a better performance in the second quarter RHS could not maintain the pace against a very skilful New Hall side and this lead to the final score being 10-30. Libby Parker had her best performance to date and was awarded player of the match.

U13B v New Hall L 21-13

The U13B team fought hard throughout their match against New Hall and the score line does not reflect the match played. The girls drew the third quarter and won the final quarter and did not give up at all. Nuria Ramo Pascaul made her debut for the team and showed skill in her position as goal keeper. Emily Fretwell was versatile, playing as goal defence and wing defence. Player of the match was Annie Paddon who had a superb game as goal attack.

The U12A v Newhall  L 12-3.

The score line does not reflect the effort and determination the U12 team put into their play against New Hall. The defensive trio of Freya Guckian, Charlotte Stenning, and Ruby Parker worked really hard to keep the New Hall shooters out of the D; indeed keeping the opposition’s score down to 5 until the last quarter. Their back line pass routine worked extremely well. Molly Entwistle, who earned the accolade of ‘player of the match’, linked extremely well in the centre, making sure her centre passes were effective every time. The attacking end with Rebecca Sweeney, Yasmin Gradwick-Light and Eliza Tribe had the most difficult task against a very strong New Hall defence. RHS struggled feeding the ball into the circle to gain any advantage. Unfortunately New Hall brought on their best shooters to finish the last quarter, resulting in a win 12 goals to 3. Each RHS player showed determination throughout and were complimented on their play by the New Hall coach.

U12B v New Hall  L 10-0

The U12B team took on New Hall in their second game of the season. Both teams got off to a shaky start with errors made throughout court. The first goal was scored by New Hall just 4 minutes into the game! The second quarter was much better for RHS. Izzy Butler at C was taking plenty of interceptions but RHS struggled to convert any goals against a physical New Hall side. The score at half time was 6-0 to New Hall. The second half was very much a defensive one for both teams. Katie Bagnall, Alice Clayton and Lily Mason pressurised their opposition and forced plenty of balls to go off the backline. However, RHS struggled to feed the ball into shooters Morgan Thomas and Amelia Anderson and this meant RHS were still yet to score. In the last quarter Esme Peters came back on for Lucia Soler who played exceptionally well considering it was her first ever netball game. Although RHS defended well, the attacking play was regularly broken down by New Hall and the final score was 10-0. Player of the match was awarded to Izzy Butler for her fantastic work rate at C.

U12 Netball Tournament

The U12’s travelled to Northgate High School to play in the district U12 tournament. This event was run as a ‘Round Robin’ with 6 other schools involved. With a squad of 9 players the team worked hard to try and establish a hold at the start of each game. Unfortunately in the first game against Ipswich High School they were slow on the uptake and Ipswich scored 4 goals in the first half. RHS tightened up their play and pulled back 2 goals but lost overall 5-2. The 2nd game against Ipswich School A was much better, ending in a draw 2-2. Against Ipswich School B they won 4-0 but then lost 7-0 to the eventual winners, Woodbridge, before a final win of 6-0 against Copleston School.

The defence of Katie Bagnall, Freya Guckian, Charlotte Stenning (Cpt) and Ruby Parker (WD) grew in confidence as the games proceeded. Their strength was in starting a back line throw–in and bringing the ball down court. Mollie Entwistle was player of the tournament. Her timing of moves in attack was excellent as were some of her interceptions. Isabella Butler and Rebecca Sweeney interchanged as wing attack and were particularly effective in linking with the shooters. Eliza Tribe and Yasmin Gradwick-Light were both instrumental in the attacking circle. They had the hardest time against some tough opponents which will have given them food for thought! Eliza enjoyed the last game as GA instead of GS!

U13 South Suffolk Schools Netball Tournament

The U13s took part in the South Suffolk Schools Netball Tournament  on Thursday where they played six competitive matches. RHS played Ipswich School B team first and had a convincing win of 12-0. Some excellent shooting from Beth Carnell secured the final score. RHS played St Albans in the second round and again had a strong win of 10-0. Excellent play by George Nicholls and Emily Fretwell bringing the ball through court assisted RHS in the score line. RHS played a very good defensive game against Farlingaye, with Annie Tavainavesi and Libby Parker keeping their shooters from scoring any more than two goals. Annie Paddon linked in well with shooters Holly Folkard-Smith and Tilly Arulampalam to make the final score 12-2.

The final three rounds of the tournament were going to be the toughest. RHS had to play against a well-drilled Woodbridge side but the team did not collapse under the pressure. Consistent play from Millie Salter and Tor Williams allowed the team to stay in control of the game and finish with a final score of 8-2. RHS then faced Ipswich School A team who had played well in the tournament so far. Annie Tavainavesi worked hard at GK to put pressure on the shooters, restricting them to only scoring 3 goals. Tilly Arulampalam shot well from all ranges and RHS secured a win of 8-3. The final game was against Ipswich High School. Having lost to them in a match the previous week the team knew it would be a tough game. RHS started strong and Libby Parker took an interception which was converted and put RHS in the lead. Beth Carnell and George Nicholls played in the second half of the game and delivered a solid performance playing quick netball that Ipswich High could not keep up with. Solid shooting from Beth saw the final score end 8-4.

After an excellent afternoon of netball the girls were announced winners of the South Suffolk Schools Netball Tournament. Well done to all players involved.