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Twenty six of the Royal Hospital School’s most talented musicians took part in a Scholars’ Concert on Saturday 8 February, performing to a highly enthusiastic capacity audience of guests, parents, staff and fellow pupils.

The standard of performance was astonishingly high with a great range of instrumental talents being demonstrated, including solo voice, tuba, oboe, flute, recorder, drums, piano and cello, and every year group from 7 to 13 was represented.

Huge thanks to Mr Saunders and the music staff for organising the event, to all the scholars for playing so brilliantly, to the visiting music teachers who make such things possible – many of whom were able to join us at the concert – and to parents and friends for their invaluable support.

The scholars who performed were:

 Rion Shirayanagi Year 10 St. Vincent  Piano
 Lizzy Blackett Year 13 Nelson Soprano
 Harvey Crallan Year 7 Drake Trumpet
 Harry Salter Year 11 Raleigh Singing
 Simone Rossouw Year 11 Howe Singing
 Lauren Johnson Year 11 Anson Singing
 William Jenner Year 9 Raleigh Violin
 Imogen Kerr Year 9 Raleigh Piano
 Taylor Godfrey Year 10 Raleigh Soprano
 Sarah Murrison Year 11 Hood Flute
 Phillipa Murrison Year 11 Hood Flute
 Ami Zhang Year 10 Raleigh Flute
 George Rennison Year 12 Raleigh Flute
 Martha Torrington Year 10 Hood Flute / Singing
 Tom Craggs-Ward Year 13 Nelson Trumpet
 TJ Sunuwar Year 12 Howe Alto
 Winnie Lei Year 12 Howe Piano
 Ben Banks Year 10 St. Vincent Cello
 Madison Claridge Year 10 Raleigh Drums
 Joe Craggs-Ward Year 11 Collingwood Clarinet
 Sally Watson Year 10 Hood Singing
 Bradley Tai Year 10 Raleigh Piano
 Sam Banks Year 7 Drake Tuba
 Daniel Waterman Year 9 Raleigh Trumpet
 Henry Doe Year 13 Nelson Oboe
 Elle Henley Year 13 Nelson Oboe