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The Royal Hospital School MUN team has been extremely busy over the past few months with 90 pupils now taking part in the School’s Model United Nations. Internal debates are held on Wednesdays every three weeks during term time and pupils continue to travel further afield to take part in inter-school conferences.

On Monday 9 December, 36 pupils in Years 9 to 13, many of whom were attending their first conference, travelled to Benenden School in Kent representing China, Afghanistan, Canada, Egypt, Lebanon, Panama, the Solomon Islands and South Africa. Twenty schools took part and some of the 16 topics debated included: GM Crops, Combating Increasing Antibiotic Resistance, Sustainable Biofuels Production, Prevention of Domestic Terrorism, the Civil War in Syria, Regulation of the Influence of Multi-national Corporations in Lesser Economically Developed Countries and Protecting the Rights of Religious Minorities in Theocratic States.

China delegate at MUN Beneden

All RHS delegates worked hard, wrote resolutions and took part in the debates, but three did especially well: Sean Cuddihy was selected as a Highly Commended Delegate representing the People’s Republic of China on the Political Committee, as was Siana Douglas-Hamilton also for China, this time in the Committee on Human Rights, Kathryn Matous was also a Highly Commended Delegate in the Special Committee on Genetics, representing Canada, and congratulations must go to Kai Howells who was our first ever Year 9 delegate to attend a full MUN conference.

In addition, three other highly experienced MUN students from RHS were selected to chair committees at Benenden. Zach Tabor and Andrew Egan were chosen as Co-Chairs of the Human Rights and Genetics Committees respectively, while Conor Steeds is to be congratulated on being the Lead Chair of the Political Committee, a rare honour at another school.


Jack Burge at MUN Beneden

The first residential MUN conference was on Friday 31 January until Sunday 2 February at The Lady Eleanor Holles School, near Hampton Court Palace. Thirteen pupils in Years 10 to 13 attended LEHMUN representing Afghanistan, China and South Africa working with delegations from 48 countries, from 20 other schools.

RHS took a dominant role at this conference and all the resolutions debated and written by our pupils were passed in committee and General Assembly. Two of the three resolutions debated in a full session of General Assembly on Sunday were written by RHS pupils: Cesca Morelli’s US resolution on Forced Underage Marriage was passed without a single amendment and Tori Foreman, as UN Ambassador for South Africa, led caucus meetings of states within the African Union in support of that resolution.

USA delegate at LEHMUN

USA delegate at LEHMUN

Congratulations also go to Ophelia Moore representing Afghanistan who, as well as writing a resolution on Combatting Female Genital Mutilation, which was passed in the Human Rights Committee, was selected as a Highly Commended Delegate and, in her capacity as Afghan Ambassador to the UN, led meetings of the Arab League states in order to ensure the passing of key resolutions in General Assembly.

Philly Moore

Ophelia Moore at LEHMUN

Conor Steeds’s resolution on Narcotic Funding of Militant Extremism in Afghanistan was passed and he was recognised as the Outstanding Delegate in the Security Council representing the United States of America. Our top performer was Cherie Fang, representing Afghanistan, who had two resolutions passed: one on the Use of Private Military Committees instead of National Armed Forces in the Political Committee and one on Modern Day Slavery in General Assembly.

The RHS Afghanistan Delegation – consisting of Philly Moore, Cherie Fang, Tamsyn Howells and Alex Steeds – was selected as the Outstanding Delegation in General Assembly despite fierce competition.

LEHMUN, at The Lady Ellenor Holles

LEHMUN, at The Lady Eleanor Holles

The following pupils received their MUN badges and Conor Steeds, Philly Moore, Cherie Fang, Tamsyn Howells and Alex Steeds were awarded their certificates for Outstanding Delegation:

Kai Howells Year 9 Collingwood Badge
Ben Banks Year 10  St. Vincent Badge
Sam Cantelo Year 10 Collingwood Badge
Ben Conner Year 10 St. Vincent Badge
Billy Douglas-Hamilton Year 10 St. Vincent Badge
Charlie Ewen Year 10 Collingwood Badge
Tom Hamer Year 10 Collingwood Badge
Tom Heley Year 10 St. Vincent Badge
Sam Hindley Year 10 St. Vincent Badge
Jess Irving Year 10 Howe Badge
Hannah Southerton Year 10 Howe Badge
Lucy Watson Year 10 Hood Badge
Joe Curtis Year 11 Hawke Badge
Henry Nicholls Year 11 St. Vincent Badge
Alex Slatter Year 11 Hawke Badge
 Rosy Trewin Marshall Year 11 Howe Badge
 Josie Falk Year 12 Hood Badge
Euan Guckian Year 12 Collingwood Badge
Will Hassall Year 12 Collingwood Badge
Patrick Hook-Willers Year 12 Hawke Badge
Winnie Lei Year 12 Howe Badge
Flossie Mills Year 12 Hood Badge
Ollie Sellers Year 12 Collingwood Badge
Alex Steeds Year 12 Hawke Badge
Ilya Tkhoruk Year 12 Hawke Badge
Jess Edney Year 13 Nelson Badge
Elle Henley Year 13 Nelson Badge
Conor Steeds Year 13 Nelson Certificate
Ophelia Moore Year 12 Hood Certificate x2
Cherie Fang Year 13 Nelson Certificate
Tamsyn Howells Year 12 Hood Certificate
Alex Steeds Year 12 Hawke Certificate