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Toby Allday

Jack Petchey Award winner Toby Allday

Toby, Year 10 at the Royal Hospital School, joined the North Essex District Cricket Board in 2012 and played with distinction in that year’s unbeaten U13 side.

Paul Lees, U13 manager, said

Toby always played his best and more importantly played the role the team needed most. His efforts were recognised by Essex and he played for the U13 Essex side. The following year, as an U14, he again was on the fringes of Essex, but still committed himself to the District U15 side and always contributed selflessly what was required by the team. He showed great leadership and set the standard the team needed to aspire to. Always a popular member of the team, both with players and coaches, his performances and attitude has made the team perform to the highest level.

As a result Toby Allday was awarded the Jack Petchey Award for achievement. The Jack Petchey Foundation ‘helps young people to raise their aspirations, believe in themselves and make a contribution to society’.