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On Wednesday 20 November David Young, ex-cricketer turned sports and performance psychologist, visited the Royal Hospital School to talk to pupils of the Middle School (Years 9 to 11).


David Young, Founder of Winning Mind

Following his career as a professional cricketer with the Middlesex Cricket Board, David has worked in talent development and coaching with the ECB and studied an MSc in Sport Psychology to become a specialist performance psychologist. His research into the characteristics of High Performing Environments has gained excellent reviews and he has worked with a range of clients including Wolverhampton Wanderers and our own former RHS pupil, Reece Topley.

In 2011 David founded ‘Winning Mind’ offering his expertise to a wider audience and helping individuals and teams to fulfil their potential. Using robust psychological theory and research to enhance performance, four main themes are developed: leadership development, mental toughness, team dynamics and one-to-one performance psychology. 

His talk to the RHS pupils gave interesting insights into the way our minds work when under pressure. A lot of his work has been in helping the individual to not only work on the skills they wish to improve but also to work on them in pressured situations once they have mastered it. For example, when it comes to the penalty shoot out in the World Cup or those final match points at Wimbledon they are used to performing to their best under pressure.

Chris Graham, Head of Middle School, said, “I would like to thank David Young on behalf of all the pupils and staff who were lucky enough to hear his insightful words. Many of our pupils are working hard towards their GCSEs in what is often a pressurised environment and I am sure many of the techniques he outlined will help with their academic studies as well as on the sports field”.