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Each year, the Royal Hospital School, under the direction of Barry Hocking, Director of Community Action, works in conjunction with a Suffolk-based disability charity, Optua, to run the Optua Games. This is a sports day for people with physical, sensory and learning disabilities enabling them to take part in a variety of fun and competitive outdoor activities including welly throwing, firing a dart through a target and hitting suspended skittles with a football.


Today was the 11th annual Optua Games to be held at the School and not only is it a great day for those taking part, but Year 11 pupils also gain valuable experience as they help to run the games. On Monday the students undertook a disability awareness course in preparation so that they could really understand the difficulties these people have to deal with on a daily basis.

All of the RHS pupils involved, Year 11 games makers, buddies and Year 12 management team, put in a lot of effort and made sure the day was a success for the 250 plus competitors. Fundraising from this year has also exceeded expectations with charities having received £14,853 from the communities efforts. One such charity has been Help for Heros who received £9,624 for a recovery centre in Colchester, Chavasse VC House.

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