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Four budding scientists from the Royal Hospital School were selected to go the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry at the University of East Anglia this week. Molly Williamson and Dominic Curtis in Year 7, and Giles Wilson and Eloise Best in Year 8, joined 156 other pupils from across East Anglia at the Norwich-based university for a day of chemistry and science fun.

The Salters’ Festival of Chemistry is an initiative of the Salters’ Institute to help promote an appreciation of chemistry, and science in general, amongst young people. The institute was founded in 1918 to assist young chemistry students returning from World War I to complete their studies. Since the 1970s they have moved towards focusing on the teaching of chemistry and other sciences at secondary level and to encourage careers in both teaching chemistry and in the UK chemical and allied industries. The event at UEA was one of 54 held at universities across the UK.

On the day pupils took part in a competition to solve a “murder” using forensic science techniques and experiments to work out who had ‘done the deed’. This was won by the Royal Hospital School pupils who put their scientific knowledge and aptitude to the test. There was also a dramatic “Kitchen Chemistry” show given by Dr Stephen Ashworth, a chemistry lecturer at UEA.


The winning team at Salters’ Festival of Chemistry