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From September 2014, prospective new pupils can apply for a Drama Scholarship for entry at 11+, 13+ or 16+. Applications can be made on the basis of candidates achievement and potential as a performer.Drama_RHS


  • Achieve a satisfactory performance in the School’s Entrance Examinations.
  • Attend an audition to include a preliminary workshop-style series of games and exercises (11+ and 13+) and to perform a pre-prepared monologue of their choice (2 monologues if applying at 16+)
  • Attend an interview with the Head of Drama
  • Those joining in Year 7 or 9 are required to take Drama at GCSE

As a Drama Scholar, pupils are expected to demonstrate a wholehearted commitment to Drama at the School, in both lessons and outside the classroom. Through this they must be able to manage both their academic and other school commitments alongside Drama; continuing to fulfil their identified potential and maintain this throughout their time at the School.

As with all scholars at the Royal Hospital School all Drama scholars will be subject to an annual review.


Provision by the School

The School aims to provide Drama scholars with the best possible education and opportunities to further their Drama potential. As a part of this the School undertakes to provide:

  • An environment that nurtures Drama scholars’ talent and abilities
  • A range of performance opportunities
  • Visiting professionals for advice and support
  • Monitoring of development, including regular formal and informal meetings

For a 2014 Application Form contact the Admissions Office on 01473 326136 or admissions@royalhospitalschool.org