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During the first week of the Easter holidays, a group of GCSE and A Level pupils travelled to Valladolid. They stayed with Spanish families and had the chance to learn about Spanish culture and way of life. They also completed an intensive 5-day Spanish course, took part in cultural activities and enjoyed a reasonable amount of free time to explore Valladolid and see some Easter processions and celebrations, although rain meant that a number of these were unfortunately cancelled.

RHS students in Valladolid

RHS students in Segovia

The programme of activities included a visit to the beautiful town of Segovia, a workshop in a Museum of Modern Art, a guided visit to Valladolid and cooking lessons. With the help of a Spanish chef, they cooked a delicious sample of traditional Spanish and Castilian dishes: tortilla de patatas, sopas de ajo, huevos rotos and torrijas. They also visited a Shopping Centre and went to the cinema to see The Croods in Spanish, still managing to get most of the jokes.

Their time with the host families gave them an insight into the lifestyle of Spanish families and also provided the opportunity to do and see things which were not included in the programme. For example, Felicity Slatter and Kathryn Matous spent a couple of hours in a primary school, helping the children with their English and answering their questions in Spanish; William Anstey and Sean Cuddihy had the intense experience of watching a football game between Spain and France surrounded by Spanish fans; Victoria Foreman, Tabitha Palmer and Tapashya Sunuwar are now experts on Castilian gastronomy thanks to the extensive menu of traditional homemade food that their Spanish ‘mother’ prepared for them every day and Jessica Richardson became addicted to chocolate con churros.



The Spanish trip was really enjoyable. The food, families and lessons were all Spanish and after a week of having to constantly listen I have found that my Spanish has improved no end. The most enjoyable part of the trip was the family that I stayed with; they were incredibly kind and were the most amazing cooks.

 Parents and pupils can view more pictures of the trip on the school intranet: