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No time records were broken this year in what were very cold conditions, but Claire and Sean Cuddihy set a record for being the first sister and brother to win the senior races. Well done to all the runners and in particular the winners below:

Indvidual race winners:

Junior Boys:  Kieren Farrer DK

Junior Girls: Emilia Salter BK

Inter Boys: Rob Cowper-Coles SV

Inter Girls:  Issy Williams  HD

Senior Boys:  Sean Cuddihy CD

Senior Girls:  Claire Cuddihy HD

Junior Houses:

Chichester 59 points – 1st

Macarthur 72 points – 2nd

Shackleton 77 points- 3rd

Francis 93 points- 4th

Intermediate Girls:

Hood 20 points- 1st

Raleigh 26 points- 2nd

Cornwallis  41 points – 3rd

Intermediate Boys:

Collingwood 54 points- 1st

Hawke 70 points- 2nd

St Vincent 76 points – 3rd

Senior Girls:

Howe 24 points- 1st

Cornwallis 43 points- 3rd

Hood 25 points- 2nd

Senior Boys:

Collingwood “A” 31 points- 1st

Raleigh 72 points- 2nd

Collingwood “B” 98 points- 3rd